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The Power of the Creative Spirit

Written by: Melissa Dessart, Co-Founder of Creators Space

I see the power of the Creative Spirit through my personal relationship with Creators Space, the organization I helped to create and the creative community I am a part of. I share what I witness through the lens of a Student, a Teacher, a Collaborator, and a Creator.

Through the Creative Spirit…

I see the current conditions of our culture and society and the systems of support around those conditions, the healthy ones and the destructive ones. The ones we have manifested, curated, weaved, and for some, still protect.

I see the way the collective energy of the universe and nature uses her power to aid in our personal and collective evolution. Creating the conditions for subtle and not so subtle nudges. These can be seen in the situations and collisions that happen in our daily lives, relationships and interactions with others, and also in the “things that seem to happen” that creates an opportunity for us to wrestle with a thought, a narrative, an emotion or a decision.

I see an opening to evolve and grow, creating a new pathway for healing and expansion. This is where I also see the many things attached to this opening, disguising its true potential, as an opportunity for growth that needs transcendence and healing. It may be deep, deep, ancestral trauma, the multiple layers of oppression, the old narratives we hold on to, and the many faces of fear disguised as ego, resistance, and oppressive behavior towards others. All the things holding us back from seeing our gifts, our true and authentic potential, and our connection to all living things.

I see the conditions created for active participation and integration of this “new pathway” into the tapestry of one’s life. This is a critical step of choice - one determines if they are ready to step in and participate. This is where I see looping behavior and circumstance as people wrestle with their abilities, courage, and strength to step into the work and actively participate in the journey. This is where I also see the power of sacred circles within communities to compliment the subtle nudges of the universe as a way to inspire intention setting and preparation for the journey.

I see the active participation in the work. This is where I see the power of intuition and free will in action through the release of judgments and expectations, old narratives and emotions that do not serve the person or their future path. This is where I see the development of one’s intuition and curiosity as a communication tool with their Higher Self, Guides and Source. This is where I see the energy of curiosity begin to be amplified and demand more attention. I see the power of community, from actively listening and holding space without judgement, to providing tools, services and resources of support along the way. This is where I begin to see synchronicities, the right people showing up at the right time with the right insight or resources. This is where I see the many forms and modalities of the creative arts used as tools in the transformation process. This is where I see the many faces of spirit that show up to provide unconditional loving guidance through its many forms and whispers, that cross the imaginary borders constructed by our religious divide, to help those in need of their guidance, regardless of their religious designation. This is where I ultimately see the magnitude of the strength and power that we have within us to persevere, move through trauma, and live a life with meaning, peace, love and joy in our hearts.

I then see the transformation, the evolving, the growing in perpetual motion as we intentionally step into the work. The impact is seen within the many threads of our Being and become the foundation for which we build upon as we continue to actively participate cycle after cycle, until we finally step back and see we have evolved far more than what we thought was possible. Then we continue once again to step into the work, but at an elevated starting place, open to the wonderment of unlimited possibilities. Then I see a calling to help others through the process, which begins the contagion effect, building out stronger systems of support that grows and grows, creating a magical transcendence ripple just as nature shows us in every moment of every day.

This is the Power of the Creative Spirit.

Creators Space supports a culture and ecosystem to help address the challenges within our local community through creative placemaking, community engagement and educational programs. Creators Space is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 organization. Your tax deductible donations go to support our many creative programs and operating costs.


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