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Donate to the Creators Movement

Creators Space serves as a bridge to a better future by engaging the community

in our many creative programs to rebuild their Inner Spirit and vitality for life.

2023 Annual Goal


The conditions of our culture have created a separation from our inner spirit, but through the Power of Creativity and Community a pathway back can be found

Your donations go to support our many creative programs and operating costs built for the local community

Creators Space is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 organization

all donations are tax deductible

Our Collective Challenge

Creators Space supports a culture and ecosystem to help address the challenges within our local community through creative placemaking, community engagement and educational programs.

We have witnessed the impact of our current cultural challenges on an intimate basis within our local community.  The inequities within our diverse community have brought about barriers to living a happy and prosperous life.  Mental health concerns are on the rise with people struggling to find purpose and meaning in both their personal and professional lives.  People have become highly divided, siloed and isolated, creating barriers in working together as a thriving community.  And as deep wounds come to the surface, communities are struggling to work together to address the root issues.


These challenges not only impact a person’s ability to survive physically, but they have significant negative impacts psychologically on the community as a whole.  The absence of hope, lack of confidence, and feelings of unworthiness create a barrier within our inner spirit to actively participate in bringing about a healthier life. 


A Creators Movement within our culture uses the Power of Creativity and Community to expand opportunities and create pathways for healing and transformation. These resources allow our gifts and talents to be used in a way that addresses the challenges of our cultural conditions, leading to changes within our collective ecosystem that will establish healthier foundations of support for years to come. 

Image by Cristian Escobar

Everyone deserves the opportunity to Thrive.

Our Programs
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Creators Space is a place of hope for many people. By providing the space, programs, and a supportive environment to create a new and better life.

Our affordable and flexible membership model allows people to experiment with new creative endeavors with the support of regular programming

Our natural gathering spaces are a hub for cultural organizations focused on addressing local equity and inclusion challenges

We provide programs to cultivate a creative hobby and belong to a community for support and friendship


We are addressing mental health challenges with services from our healing arts collective and their regular classes

Our Mission

The world is in a period of reawakening and change.

We believe it’s time to ignite a Creators Movement. ​

When we nourish our own creativity,

hidden potential is unlocked, new ideas are thought of,

and a different approach is made available. 

Then, when we collaborate with a diverse community,

new solutions are created, leading to an ecosystem

where all can thrive. 

Now, more than EVER before, we must come together to create.

We create the conditions for growth and transformation

through the power of Creativity and Community!


A Creators Movement Ignites ACTION

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