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Out of the office and into the world, 

I am living out loud at Creators Space.


With a giddy heart and a curious soul, I bring to life classes, workshops, and creative immersion experiences. Working closely with talented creatives who wish to share their wisdom and talent

fuels my spirit!

Email me to express interest in

becoming an instructor at Creators Space. 

Melissa and Kevin


We finally did it!  We said good bye to “living for retirement” and hello to “living for the day”.


We took our 25+ years of resources, wisdom, and business experience and created a diverse community that

enables creative spirits to thrive.

Email us about 

general inquiries about Creators Space. 



In my world, creative expression is fundamental to living a full and

balanced life. 

Getting back to my creative roots and living life with purpose, my aim is to recruit creators and take them on an inspirational journey with Creators Space. 

Creators Space is more than a place to me—it's a movement—and I hope you'll join me for the ride.


Creators Space

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