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Working with the cards we have been dealt

Personal thoughts and an invitation for contemplation

Written by Melissa Dessart, Co-Founder of Creators Space

From what I have witnessed, the given conditions of every individual born on earth is we will have a hand of cards dealt with our own unique set of challenges. These challenges will be, in our minds, deeply trying, emotional, and immensely difficult. The universal situation is everyone has the choice to ignore the challenges, resist the challenges, or work to move through the challenges to a place of resolve and closure. Each option provides a unique path to closure.

Ignoring the situation can create a looping pattern, that just may make the challenge harder to move through over time. Resistance can breed anger and resentment. The anger may be useful to give us fuel and motivation to begin the process of moving through it, but if we stay in a state of resistance, resentment can take over creating a block and closing us off from the paths of closure. Choosing to move through the challenge is an activation of transforming the energy of suffering into healthy fuel, to find resolution, personal growth and closure.

When we decide to move through our challenges as an active participant, we begin where we are and move forward from there, using the wisdom we have earned up to this point. Then, as new truths are experienced by people we interact with, we integrate that insight into the ingredients we use to make decisions. Then, through our active participation, we earn more wisdom that is then added to the bowl of ingredients, creating a more robust decision-making recipe. As time goes by, things are added and removed as we evolve. This is the path of integration.

As we begin to work with our cards, we discover there is a hidden power in them. An energy that opens certain gifts within us that lay dormant waiting for the opportunity to be activated. These gifts are our inner tools and capabilities that provide the means and methods to move through this challenge to a place of closure and resolve. These cards that seemed to be the suits of challenge, are transformed into the suits of power, by way of activation through our participation.

As we witness cultural challenges, we may find there is a connection to our personal hand of cards. That our cards are part of a more comprehensive deck, all unique to our personal situation, but also connected at the same time. We have an opportunity to integrate this insight and determine what is our part in the cultural movement. Will it be a calling to support a broader movement? Will it be an ingredient in our decision-making recipe? Or will it be something we intentionally give no energy towards? It is always a choice.

Over time the role of the individual cards within our hand will become clearer as they will show themselves in many ways and through many relationships. These are the cards we are being ask to work with and are somehow connected to our own life’s path along with the collective as a whole. Creating the joys and the pains, but all transformative in some way. We all have been given what we need to find peace, growth and joy in this lifetime, but it takes active participation to make that discovery.

What are the cards you have been dealt? Are you actively working with these cards to transform them to your suits of strength?

Now take a breath… Look at your hand of cards… And begin where you are, and move forward from there. You have all you need to find peace and joy in this lifetime. I believe in You!

I offer guided meditations at Creators Space every Friday morning from 9:15-10:15. We begin with a discussion on concepts like I shared in this post then move into a guided meditation. These gatherings are free and open to the public. Come join if you feel called.


Creators Space supports a culture and ecosystem to help address the challenges within our local community through creative placemaking, community engagement and educational programs. Creators Space is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 organization. Your tax-deductible donations go to support our many creative programs and operating costs.


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