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The Energy of Dissonance Creates the Conditions for Healthy Change or Cultural Trauma

Which one will we choose?

Written by: Melissa Dessart, Co-Founder of Creators Space

The energy of dissonance is defined as: A tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements. In my opinion, this is the primary energy form moving through our collective culture. It is felt when the values and motivations of our culture shifts, resulting in changes in our behavioral patterns and cultural norms. The clash comes when the systems and infrastructure that supports our community doesn't evolve with the changing values.

The pandemic triggered a massive wave of cultural dissonance when the majority of the population was forced to stop the routines of our daily life to survive a highly uncertain catastrophic event. We were reminded of what is important in life and that when we get through this situation, we will choose to live differently. As the shutdown orders lifted and we began to participate again, we tried using the old systems to support our new values and realized there is an inherent conflict. The systems we built to support our communities no longer fit the needs and values of our collective culture. This is the energy of dissonance we are feeling in our collective.

If the energy of dissonance is not moved through in a healthy way and to a place of resolve and closure, the consequences to ourselves, our community, and our culture can be devastating. These consequences can trigger fear-based decision making and oppressive behaviors leading to individual and cultural trauma. In our history, we still have many open wounds in need of healing as a result of our cultural oppression. Those wounds disrupt our ability to navigate through life individually and as a collective.

Oppression of the inner spirit is at the root of most cultural traumas. It acts as an intrusion of our free will with the feeling of limited or no choice. It severs us from of our intuition, questioning our inner values, and it diminishes our creative spirit, closing off our energetic force of inspiration and problem solving. This can lead to a state of paralysis with a lack of hope, a lack of confidence, and a feeling of unworthiness that creates a barrier within our inner spirit to actively participate in creating a healthier and more meaningful life.

When we move through it in healthy ways, in support of all members within our community, we end up building new infrastructures that allow all to thrive. We see the importance of each individual within community. Each using their unique gifts to create a harmonious eco-system, all of equal importance. Ultimately building harmony with our values and the systems of support within our eco-system.

The only way to move through the energy of dissonance, is to move through it as an active participant within a collective community, no matter how hard it gets. The opportunity invites us to take an honest look at where we can do better as a community. Then we get to work doing our part within the collective using the tools and gifts we have. In our experience, it starts with a small collective of people igniting a movement of change. Our work is to support a Creators Movement within our community. It expands opportunities and pathways to use our gifts and calling as a way to actively participate in society and make changes to address the threads of oppression. It is our belief, that this will lead to changes within our collective eco-system to establish a healthier foundation of support for generations to come.

Creators Space supports a Creators Movement by providing the space and programs to help individuals and cultural organization move through the dissonance within our community, heal the wounds of the past and strengthen our inner spirit to create a healthier and more meaningful life for all. This is our mission. And our life’s work.


Creators Space supports a culture and ecosystem to help address the challenges within our local community through creative placemaking, community engagement and educational programs. Creators Space is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 organization. Your tax deductible donations go to support our many creative programs and operating costs.


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