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Activating Courage

A personal reflection and poem

Written by Melissa Dessart, Co-Founder of Creators Space

A Personal Reflection:

We witness the workings of nature’s synchronicities on a regular basis at Creators Space and last Friday evening it was in full form. A moment when randomness comes together in a harmonious way that creates a transcendent flow of energy and activity that seems the makings of years of tired coordination. The magic of these moments is that, at the center of this shared experience, an energetic spiral of transcending energy is created, to address a unique need of each individual. In a 3-hour window of time, we had a collection of 200 plus people all coming together in our creative space for separate events, that unbeknownst to them, participated in creating a magical moment for the assembled collective.

The events included a musical performance by a young artist sharing her thoughts on how to navigate the complexity of our culture as a young adult through music and poetry. A gathering for families who have experienced gun violence coming together to memorialize their lost loved one by painting their names with affirmations on river rocks to be placed on the shores of the waters in our parks, along with Stop the Bleed training in the event that a situation happens again and they are prepared to save a life. An exhibition from Art From The Inside showcasing the humanity of incarcerated men and women through art, opening the door for critical conversations about reform needed in our criminal justice system. And a woman who felt the call to come to Creators Space after 2 years, not understanding why, until she walks through the doors to discover a Dharma Recovery meeting of 40+ people using Buddhist philosophy and meditation to move through addiction struggles and her sitting in a place of exhaustion from her personal battle with the bottle. I had the opportunity to witness the individual energetic threads of these separate events coming together to create a spiral of courageous energy, weaving together a collective of people, all actively participating in using this shared energy to heal and transform their own traumas. Tucked into this shared experience is a personal journey of starts and stops that require a deep well of courage and encouragement to make it through to a place of resolve and closure.

Hearing the personal situations and journeys of the people who participated in these events, I have come to realize that creating something of importance in our life is messy. It also takes time and needs continuous recommitment, especially if it involves making a significant change in the way we live. So, I though it fitting to share a post acknowledging just how hard it is to activate the courage within ourselves to make change in our personal life, and as part of a collective movement.

From the stories I heard, I realized "the calling" for change within us is unique and personal, but the emotional impact we embody is universal, asking ourselves to step out of our comfortable shoes and begin walking barefoot in untouched lands filled with every kind of creature that haunts the darkest regions of our mind.

I wrote this poem as a reflection of the many emotions sitting at the center of our personal struggles. The moments we experience, that nudge us to take the courageous steps forward, to heal, find resolve, and begin to weave a new path of living. This poem is an acknowledgment of those moments and a nod of compassionate empathy to the people activating courage in their life's path and circumstance.

I dedicate this to all the courageous ones. I see You. I believe in You. And I am walking with You.


Activating Courage: What does it mean and what to expect

The moments of solitude when I am sitting with my fears and my actions of courage all swirling together, at a time where I am still standing in a place with so much distance to go until a resolve is reached. I feel the urge to vomit.

I sit with this, I acknowledge this, I breathe through this, and I take a step forward.

The moments when I have been doing the work, but the steps seem to go deeper and deeper into the depths of my fear and suffering. I want to give up.

I sit with this, I acknowledge this, I breathe through this, and I take a step forward.

The moments when I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic of the many things to be done all squeezed into no time left. The embodied fear creating a restlessness impossible to shake and another night’s sleep lost to the battle. I am exhausted.

I sit with this, I acknowledge this, I breathe through this, and I take a step forward.

The moments of, not another step up this steep climb please, I am just not strong enough to take on anymore. I am weak.

I sit with this, I acknowledge this, I breathe through this, and I take a step forward.

The moments when I feel alone in my personal hell created from the choices I made or the things I ignored, or the situations that came out of nowhere. I am in deep.

I sit with this, I acknowledge this, I breathe through this, and I take a step forward.

The moments of realizing all the people I have weaved into this tangled mess, some by choice, some by accident, and some pulled in out of pure desperation. I feel shame.

I sit with this, I acknowledge this, I breathe through this, and I take a step forward.

This is my mess, and I have everything I need to move through it.

To find resolve.

To heal.

To understand the wisdom this lesson brings.

To discover my gifts that lay dormant waiting for the right opportunity to awaken.

To realize the courage, I have within myself to get through the impossible.

I will be Healthier,



And Transformed from this.

I am Activating Courage.


Creators Space supports a culture and ecosystem to help address the challenges within our local community through creative placemaking, community engagement and educational programs. Creators Space is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 organization. Your tax deductible donations go to support our many creative programs and operating costs.


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