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Our Beginning

Our story started on a snowy day in mid-December 2016. I was sitting at a coffee shop, on the advice of a dear friend, with my laptop and the various journals I had been writing in over the last few months. Reading through my journal entries, my mind felt so cluttered with random thoughts and feelings and my body was filled with a strange kind of energy, a swirl of fire and ice all wrapped up in one spinning ball. The prior few months had been filled with so many jarring events that had me questioning my current path in life. My husband’s brush with death, the consequences from the unrealistic expectations put on my children, the impact of working 19 years for a large corporation, the divide of our country, the acts of violence seeming to be more wide spread than acts of kindness, so many emotions spinning around in my head. But ironically, accompanying all this suffering was also a feeling of hope, a feeling of purpose, a feeling of accountability to help enable a positive shift. But how?

This was the state of my mind, the swirl deep in my gut, sitting in the corner of a little coffee shop near my home. I put my elbows on the table and my fingertips to my forehead and I said out loud, “I just need to create space in my head to think”. And right then and there Creators Space was born. I spent the next 45 minutes, with tears streaming down my face, frantically writing the vision and concept for Creators Space. Then I called my husband and told him, “Honey, I think I found my purpose and I am excited to come home and share it with you”.

From that day on our journey began. People showed up at just the right time with the needed wisdom to put structure to our concept. Before we knew it, we had a business plan, financing, a building to call home, and most importantly a growing family of creators helping bring our vision to life. A real-life example of the power of wisdom, collaboration, and active creating all working towards positive impact. All the things we hope to provide to you through Creators Space.

So, this is our vision, our commitment to you. We hope you find it as important as we do.

Ignite a Creator’s Movement to enable positive impact for individuals and the community.

Creators Space will provide a space, the tools, and an encouraging environment to support a community of Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Philosophers (anyone really) the opportunity to Think, Explore, and ultimately Create.

We will provide a place to provoke thought and reflection, classes to expand one’s knowledge, experience and self-exploration, and the space and tools to create and create again. To Just Begin.

Just Begin is our motto and at the heart of a creators’ movement. When individuals “Just Begin” they are embarking on a journey of self-discovery, knowledge attainment, and creation, which can lead to unlimited possibilities. Doing things beyond what you thought possible of yourself. It could be as simple as creating space in your head for new knowledge or as complex as finding your purpose in life.

When individual creators collaborate with a diverse community of creators, it will lead to significant positive impact, finding lasting solutions to real problems. A creators’ movement ignites action.

Over the coming months, we will share our journey as we progress to the opening of Creators Space. We will share stories of wisdom gained, pictures of how the space is unfolding, and more detail on the experience we will be providing to you at Creators Space. Come along on this journey with us.

Now Let’s Begin.

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