Nature's Rhythm 

Nature provides us with endless opportunities for learning, discovery, celebration, and ritual. 

Join us as we align ourselves with the energies of the season and connect with our intuition through gatherings, workshops, and events.

Gatherings & Workshops
Lunar Wisdom 

Following lunar cycles and trusting in their rhythmic wisdom is at the heart of the Lunar Wisdom Series.


In our Lunar Wisdom Gatherings, we will dial into the energies of the lunar phase through intention-setting, meditation, movement, reflection, and ritual.


Learn, practice, move, groove, and breathe into lunar rhythms with Andrea Dow and Melissa Dessart.

Winter 2020 Lunar Wisdom Gatherings

Free for Members; $20 for Non-members

January 24 New Moon Gathering 

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February 9 Full Moon Gathering

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February 23 New Moon Gathering

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March 9 Full Moon Gathering 

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Spring Lunar Wisdom registration coming soon!

Spring Equinox Gathering
March 19, 2020

Align with Nature's rhythms by marking the passage of the season as we welcome the return of warmer days. 


We will honor this reawakening and growth time through ceremony and ritual,

movement and meditation, and reflection!

Meet us in The Sanctuary for community, connection, and celebration.

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