The Salt Cavern

 Tucked away in the corner of The Sanctuary in the lower level of Creators Space, The Salt Cavern is a destination of its own. Pink Himalayan salt blocks and zero-gravity chairs line the walls while the soft mist of salty air fills the space. 

The Salt Cavern has become a favorite space here at Creators Space. Come see what all of the fuss is about!

Ways to Enjoy the Salt Cavern

Solo Relaxation

Retreat to The Salt Cavern for some much-needed along time. Grab a blanket, shut your eyes, and feel the day melt away. 

Members enjoy the Salt Cavern as part of their membership (when it is not reserved).

Join a Creative Immersion

Book a session with your friends for an intimate place to reconnect and have some (shhhh...) hushed laughs.

The Salt Cavern is a low-key way to relax while honoring a special event. 

Healing Sessions

Now, what can be better than breathing in healing air while meditating or receiving a gentle massage under the lights of pink salt? Not much ... 
Book your healing session today, and inquire about Gift Vouchers!

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