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The Journey of Creating - My 4th Gift: Attachment, non-attachment, and being open to new possibiliti

As I shared in part 1, the creative process provides many gifts along the path toward manifestation. As promised, I will be sharing 4 gifts of wisdom I have received. These were the tough ones, the ones I was trying to avoid. The ones that came from closing the doors of Creators Space and finishing what I hope will be just the first chapter of a very long story.

The 4th Gift: Attachment, non-attachment, and being open to new possibilities

You know the saying, “The closing of one door just provides the opportunity for a new one to open”. Well, when you are so passionate about what you are creating, this is a really hard concept to embrace. Opening up to the possibility that the picture in your head, the blueprint you have created, may not be the manifestation that is intended. Like I shared in an earlier post, I tend to dream in blueprints and sometimes that is a great advantage, but it can also come with some major attachment issues. After we closed, I had to image the our beautiful 34,000 sqft of creative potential being used for some other purpose or even worse, belonging to someone else. That is when I discovered I had major attachment issues and had to get into a place where I could reconnect and recommit to the mission of Creators Space because that is truly what this purpose of mine is all about. I needed to completely detach myself from 218 7th street E., the current physical manifestation of Creators Space.

Surprisingly, after I did that (which came with 3 full days of puffy eyes and tear soaked pillows), I was able to begin to see other possibilities. People started showing up with new ideas, new partnerships began to form, articles provided new ideas and concepts began to appear. The true gift that I had received is that once I opened myself up, I became aware of the things that were always there. I just could not see them because I was so fixated and attached to my own view of what Creators Space should look like. Listen, the creative spirit is one wild energy and does not like to be placed in a nice neat box. It needs to have the ability to grow and expand over time and bring in as many people to participate in it’s manifestation as possible. So, if you are willing to be truly open and aware of the possibilities as they present themselves, you will ride the waves of creativity in a state of curiosity and wonderment, accomplishing things beyond what you thought possible and in harmony with your own creative spirit. Our natural state of being.

So, my part, my purpose in helping to manifest the vision behind Creators Space, is to surrender to the uncertainty of the journey, walk side by side with the creative spirit, and be the enabler living in this world to provide opportunities for everyone to share in the gifts creating can bring and maybe begin to build the utopian world that we are in need of one step at a time.

In our next blog, we will begin to share a bit more about our hopes for the future, and the reopening of Creators Space, along with the challenges (or should I say gift offerings) that is in front of us on our path towards manifestation.

Peace and Happiness,

Melissa Dessart

Creator of Creators Space

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