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The Journey of Creating - My 3rd Gift: You can’t forget about the world we live in as you try to bui

As I shared in part 1, the creative process provides many gifts along the path toward manifestation. As promised, I will be sharing 4 gifts of wisdom I have received. These were the tough ones, the ones I was trying to avoid. The ones that came from closing the doors of Creators Space and finishing what I hope will be just the first chapter of a very long story.

The 3rd Gift: You can’t forget about the world we live in as you try to build a new one.

Ugh!! This is a really tough one for me to understand and embrace. And I am quickly realizing it will be the one that haunts me until the day I die. After spending just 5 minutes with me, you would see that I have this undeniable passion to change the world. Some say that I long for a completely unrealistic utopian universe and I would say that is a correct assessment. But what I am quickly realizing is that the journey to utopia is through and within this current world we live, and that it is the only path that can be taken in our quest to make change.

The vision for Creators Space came to me in the form of an idea but quickly turned into a complete blueprint ready to be manifested. I would wake up in the middle of the night sketching out pictures and writing down thoughts and concepts. The process was never linear, but more like a 4D blueprint written with invisible ink that could only be seen when you found the correct chemistry of decoder magic to experience the design. First I could feel the vibe of the space, then I could hear the bustling activity, and finally in just a short period of time I had the complete blueprint of this creative utopia ready to be manifested. The process of creating to this point was nothing short of magical, green lights the entire way. This part of the creative process unfortunately set us up to have a false set of expectations for the next phase of our creative journey.

We had the blueprints in hand and the physical space built, and now we were trudging through the current world, it’s expectations, it’s definition of success, it’s financial burdens, and it’s conflicted energetic currents, as we worked to ignite our movement and show the potential of the new creative utopian our mission could bring. We were exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally and not meeting the expectations we had built into our plan. Ugh!! Deep breaths… (refer to part 2 of this blog on the importance of meditation. I told you this was a tough one for me, I need to meditate just to get through it.).

Now just to be clear, this is not a dig on our growing community, you all have been wonderful. We just did not give you enough time to fully understand the ways to participate and enough time to earn your appreciation for the value and benefits we bring. And in this world, time is money and we were running low on both. Our expectations and our beautiful blueprint were not aligned to what was needed to take the first few steps on the path to make change. We built it all and stepped back with a proud “Ta Da!!” then quickly got lost in the bustle of trying to make our blueprint work under the unrealistic constraints of the time and money we had. We asked too much of our community and did not provide enough stepping stones to come along with us on our journey.

After we closed, I fell back into a familiar pattern of building utopia, the ways of the current world consumed my thoughts for days and days with new blueprints being constructed to tackle it all. If only I could change the financial banking system, the government’s SBA system. I reconstructed the goals and regulations of the various incorporating structures, and then I thought of ways to change the current reality of how creative and art based organizations are seen in today’s culture. And don’t get me started on our bias towards financial gain being the predominant metric for how we measure success. I have a new blueprint for that one too. Now I am not saying that any of these were good blueprints, I am just saying that I found myself wanting to build them instead of just focusing my energy on finding a solution to fix my current Creators Space blueprint by way of navigating our current world. When I finally stopped the madness consuming my thoughts and my time (once again refer to post 2 on the importance of meditation), I came to the realization, that in order to make progress in our movement, we need to use the ways of this world to build the new one.

So, I got back to work, but this time with the discipline of acknowledging the importance of using the current systems as a way to navigate the path ahead. I still need to work on changing my behavior to fully except this offering as a gift so let’s leave this as a cliffhanger for a blog in the future. Like I said in the beginning, this one will haunt me until the end.

In part 5, I will share with you my 4th gift. The wisdom of attachment, non-attachment, and being open to new possibilities. This will be the final part of this 5-part series. Stay tuned!

Peace and Happiness,

Melissa Dessart

Creator of Creators Space

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