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The Journey of Creating - My 2nd Gift: Committing to being on-purpose and surrendering to uncertaint

As I shared in part 1, the creative process provides many gifts along the path toward manifestation. As promised, I will be sharing 4 gifts of wisdom I have received. These were the tough ones, the ones I was trying to avoid. The ones that came from closing the doors of Creators Space and finishing what I hope will be just the first chapter of a very long story.

The 2nd Gift: Committing to being on-purpose and surrendering to uncertainty. You need to do both!

I have come to the realization that 2 years ago in that coffee shop (where the idea for Creators Space began) I had the opportunity to discover my purpose and I believe that purpose is somehow tied to the vision behind Creators Space. Now, just like anyone who has had clarity regarding their purpose, I have the choice to decide if I want to pursue that path and actively participate through the ups and downs or if I want to just stop and wait for something easier or less stressful to come along. I believe this decision point is a critical part of the journey when creating something meaningful. The part where you need to continue to commit and then have faith that in the end everything will make sense and you will have the complete clarity you are so craving.

Now with this commitment, I have come to the realization that you also need to surrender to living with uncertainty. Not the kind that makes you question your purpose, but the kind that keeps you in the dark as to what the future will bring. How I see it, is when you commit to the purpose, you are given a bright flashlight, but one that can only illuminate a few feet in front of you and your job is to have faith that if you stay on the path through the tough spots, that in the end the gifts will be plentiful.

During my time in deep meditation, I realized how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to discover my purpose and that no matter what happens over the next day, week, month or 10 years that I am committed to seeing it through to the very end. I am a part of Creators Space and it is a part of me. I am choosing to be on purpose and be open to how it unfolds through the ups and downs and different manifestations. I am committed to both being on purpose and surrendering to its uncertainty!

In part 4 of this blog, I will share with you my 3rd gift. The wisdom of not forgetting about the world we live in as we try to build a new one. My toughest gift of all. Stay tuned!

Peace and Happiness,

Melissa Dessart

Creator of Creators Space

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