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The Journey of Creating - My 1st Gift: The importance of meditation (Part 2 of 5)

As I shared in part 1, the creative process provides many gifts along the path toward manifestation. As promised, I will be sharing 4 gifts of wisdom I have received. These were the tough ones, the ones I was trying to avoid. The ones that came from closing the doors of Creators Space and finishing what I hope will be just the first chapter of a very long story.

The 1st Gift: The importance of meditation

As I reflect back on the last 8 weeks, the first few weeks were filled with sadness, anxiety, frustration, and anger at both myself and our situation. How could I have let this happen. We had the right vision with the right intension to support a mission to help others. We had the financial means to build it. We had the right team to help bring it to life. We had an abundance of support from the community in that what we were building was extremely valuable and just what our society was in need of. We had everything I could have asked for, all the green lights to make this a success and I failed as the lead creator and not only failed, but failed at the very thing that I believed was my purpose in life.

Now lucky for me, I have always seen myself as a mountain climber. I tend to keep my head up, and no matter how tired I am, I keep going. So, I found myself trying so hard to not get swept up in the shame of failure, to not get overwhelmed with the sense of urgency to reopen and to keep focused on building the path ahead. My mind was cluttered and filled with one hundred and fifty different scenarios of how to get back on track. Do we focus on rentals, do we try to get grant funding, do we reopen the coffee house, do we just focus on select markets? I found myself in the same mental state as 2 years ago in the coffee house. My mind was cluttered and I was searching for clarity. Then, I stopped the madness.

I completely disconnected from everything and everyone and spent a lot of time clearing my mind and regaining head space through meditation. This may sound counter intuitive, to focus on stopping the thinking, the very thing that is needed to determine a solution, but what it did was allowed me to calm the mind, get rid of the distracting parts, separate myself from the emotions and come to a place of grounding. Remember, when you clear the mind, you do not wipe out the insight and knowledge you have attained, you just put it up on the shelf so that it is available for when you need it. It allows for the completely natural and unconscious actions of the librarian living in your subconscious mind to do her work. The work of keeping your thoughts organized and your recall memory in a healthy condition. The ideal state to begin creating again.

In part 3 of this blog, I will share with you my 2nd gift. The wisdom of committing to being on-purpose and surrendering to uncertainty. Guess what, unfortunately you need to do both. Stay tuned!

Peace and Happiness,

Melissa Dessart

Creator of Creators Space

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