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Think. Explore. Create. Impact.

What do we mean by "Think. Explore. Create. Impact"? It’s quite simple really. They are the things we do naturally as human beings. From the day we are born our mind is working, curiously exploring and learning new things. We begin creating and experimenting by stacking blocks, drawing pictures, and the dance of our first movements. Unfortunately, over time, some of us (maybe most of us) lose the curiosity, our natural exploratory rhythm, due to the multitude of things pulling at us for our time and our head space, demanding to be placed into our daily/weekly/monthly routine. Things that if we had space in our head to think a bit more clearly we would realize the energy we are exuding is taking more from us than it is replacing in return. You know these things - they come in the form of an expectation that someone has placed on us because they believe it to be important, or our own ego saying “Do these 10 things and you will be considered a good worker or parent or friend” or just the simple day to day routine that we fall into just because (if only I could remember why…). My husband and I call this “groundhogs day” (sorry Punxsutawney Phil). The day that just keeps repeating. Placing us on auto pilot.

So, let’s change that. Let’s get back to our natural exploratory rhythm.

When we give ourselves the opportunity to clear our heads of unneeded expectations, we create space to rediscover our natural rhythm and allow space for expansion. The expansion creates space for new knowledge, discovering interests you did not know you had, which then can lead to action. Creating. Doing things beyond what you thought possible. It may be as simple as discovering the joy of using your hands to create a piece of pottery or as life changing as finding a new path in life. That discovery just opens the door to another and another. That’s the kind of life I want to live. How about you? (Take that Groundhogs day!)

So, our commitment to you is to provide you a space to do to just that. Think about it as a fitness center for your mind, body and soul. Let us tell you a bit more about it.

Think: A space just for you to dedicate time for yourself. No pressure, no expectations, just a little peace. A place to meditate, unwind, read a book, or get focused work done without all the distraction.

Explore: Eight rooms dedicated to providing new knowledge, new perspectives, those ah ha moments, through a wide variety of classes. How many times have you said to yourself “I always wanted to learn how to draw, or paint, or play an instrument, or maybe join a book club reading the classics”. Well, guess what? Now you can do all those things, and it is all under one roof.

Create: This is where the magic happens. Seven creation studios all waiting to be used for discovery. Maybe you have a piece of artwork hidden inside of you, or a dance that just needs to break free, or a poem about a discovery that you feel the need to share. You will never know unless you just begin. Remember there are no expectations placed upon you in Creators Space, just the space for you to explore your creative spirit.

Impact: This is the special gift you get in return. The gift of experience, wisdom, and insight. The gift of getting to knowing yourself better and doing things you never thought possible. The gift of limitless expansion. Is there a better gift you can give yourself?

Let’s Begin.

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