6:30pm - Birthing A Vision

with Gigi Bisong, Speaker, storyteller and spiritual guide

  • The Flow Studio

Service Description

This is for the vision holders * Those carrying deep ancient wisdoms, healing medicine and visions that the world is in dire need of. The seeds are within you. Many may experience resistance to fully birthing those seeds in their lifetime. In this hour together your visions will be seen, witnessed and nourished by the well keepers who will be in this class with you. Your seeds will be watered so they may grow. Just as a woman has an embodied knowing on how to birth and care for her baby. You too - have this same innate knowing on how to birth and care for your visions. We will re awaken this memory within your body. Prepare to learn the practical steps needed to birth a vision and prepare to experience an embodied practice of birthing your vision. Please bring a journal/ pen and wear comfortable clothing. About Gigi: Gigi is a warm, engaging, expressive and authentic coach. Her calling is to see the God/Goddess in everyone she meets and mirror back to them their glorious selves. This wasn't always Gigi's way of being. As a painfully shy child, it was difficult for Gigi to create intimate connections with peers. Yet she found great ease in being intimate with a pen and paper which is how writing and reading became her first loves. Showing her full acceptance and utter strength. Strength to hold all of her emotions. The pages never judged her tears as too much nor did the pen frown at her wild imagination. She found a home in writing. Gigi's shyness, inability to fit in, deep wisdom, and colorful imagination are the foundation for the work she currently brings into the world. Even though Gigi was painfully shy - she would naturally tune into her innate power when she did presentations at school. In 9th grade, she discovered a new love. Public Speaking. She was able to tap into an energy that was beyond her years. As a young girl, she realized her writing and speaking was a vessel to a higher consciousness. Gigi is a motivational speaker. Partial credits include: Mankato State University, US Bank, Comcast, and Northeast Middle School. She is also a former Huff Post contributor, coach, retreat leader, and best selling author. Gigi leads group coaching experiences in Minneapolis where she creates spaces for individuals to connect to a profound journey of self-acceptance. Partial credits include: Minneapolis Public Schools Parent Coaching Program, Harriet Tubman, NE Wellness, 612 Yoga, and Wellstone High School. https://www.gigibisong.com/

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