5:00pm - Shadow Work

Integrating and Empowering our Shadows with Andy Hansen

  • The Sanctuary

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We will use movement, breathwork, sound and guided meditation, and teachings to help us to uncover and develop language to identify our shadows, integrate them into our gifts, and embody our healing journey. By working with the physical body, and providing space and prompts to integrate and alchemize the feelings and insights that arise, we bypass the mental plane and move right into embodiment and integration. The movement will combine flow and restorative Working with our shadows is the seed of empowerment. By embracing our shadows, we can open up their gifts, and embody our core frequency. This workshop combines elements of Yoga, Tantra, The Gene Keys, Sound Healing, Astrology, and Psychedelic Integration About Andy: Andy is a Healing and Empowerment Guide whose passion is to help his clients Empower their Authority. Andy works with Astrology, Human Design, the Gene Keys, Sound Healing, Reiki, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Intention, Psychedelic Preparation and Integration, and Men’s Sexuality as tools for stepping into one’s power, embodying purpose, and creating a life of lasting fulfillment. ​Andy plans and curates healing events locally in Minnesota, and is available for hire as a speaker and healer for events. To hire Andy to speak at your event, or to book Andy to lead a Sound Bath/Meditation, use the Contact feature. ​ A co-founder of Resonate Sound Healing, he helped birth Community Shift and Community Bloom, in collaboration with Creators Space and the Psychedelic Society of Minnesota. ​ He teaches regular classes at Greenway Yoga and Radiant Life Yoga in Minneapolis. ​Andy is a 5/1 Emotional Projector with a Cancer Sun, Leo Moon, and Virgo Rising, patiently awaiting your invitation and recognition so he may provide problem solving guidance through the above lenses.

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