5:00pm - Maitri Grief Ritual

Audrey Elisabeth Gunn, Somatic Coach

  • The Fire Room

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Maitri means lovingkindness. It is a concept used in the meditation community that conveys unconditional friendliness to others, and especially to oneself. In this workshop you will find yourself held in a safe container to touch into the many feelings that we often do not feel welcome to share in every day life. We have all been impacted and continue to be impacted by circumstances beyond our control, but often find ourselves moving through life without giving enough attention to the emotions that we all have and need to feel. By touching in, it can actually create more freedom and grace in navigating day-to-day life. Come offer your grief, praise, joy and tears. All emotions are welcome here. “What makes maitri such a different approach is that we are not trying to solve a problem. We are not striving to make pain go away or to become a better person. In fact, we are giving up control altogether and letting concepts and ideals fall apart.” Pema Chödrön About Audrey: Audrey is a craniosacral and polarity therapist. She lives for connection, harmony, and to support others in their innate drive towards equilibrium of body, mind, and spirit. She grows her understanding of what it means to dive deep beneath the surface to find nourishment, and has developed compassion and reverence for everyone on their journey. She also lives to dance and move, laugh full belly laughs, make music, write. She is committed to turning the current paradigm upside down and inside out. She spends time with the trees and at the seas and rivers whenever possible. Moonfoxintegration.com

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