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4:30pm - Somatic Embodiment

Navigating Emotion Through Somatic Embodiment with Ashlynn Luna Leigh

  • The Flow Studio

Service Description

In this workshop we will fully explore the emotional guidance scale and what it feels like to experience the physical manifestation of different emotions in the human body. We will begin the session by doing a light, guided meditation; bringing awareness to the bodies current state of being. Following, we will shift our focus to different emotional states; ie: sadness, grief, excitement, gratitude, love; bringing awareness to our individualized experience and physical bodies reaction to those emotional states. After we bring awareness to each emotion, we will fully embody the emotion through movement and partner sharing. There will be light journalling and opportunity to be witnessed through emotive psychosynthesis! Ashlynn Luna Leigh is an embodiment coach, ecstatic dance facilitator, and reiki practitioner that specializes in developmental trauma and psycho-physiological movement therapy. She is deeply inspired by the bodies innate ability to heal trauma and move stored, immobile energy to alchemically transmute that which has been “stuck” from past traumatic experiences. She does this through many different modalities, all with the intention of coming back to the body through re-association, SE, and TRE. She is deeply inspired by the work of Dr. Levine and psychosomatic therapies that have assisted her in healing her own developmental traumas and restoring her relationship with her own physical being. fusion to align the nadis and remove energetic blockages.

Contact Details

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on the corner of 7th street and Wacouta in Lowertown St Paul 218 7th Street East, St Paul, MN 55101, USA

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