3:30pm - Journey into Presence

Ashlynn Luna Leigh, Embodiment Guide, Reiki Practitioner

  • The Sanctuary

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What does it mean to truly embody the present moment? To explore the senses at a depth that is profoundly awakening. In our embodiment journey we will explore taste, touch, sound, sight, smell, and the sixth sense: proprioception via consciousness. We will begin the journey by creating a safe vessel to explore the bodies current state, and communally shift into the present moment with all six senses. After we have dropped into presence, we will integrate individualized mantras through astral projection and sound healing. Deep reflection and profound magickal unfolding. About Ash: Ashleigh Luna Leigh is an embodiment coach, music therapist, and reiki practitioner that specializes in somatic trauma therapy through exploration of sound and the six senses. Her intention is to assist in guiding her clients back to the present moment, awakening them to the magic of synchronicities that are constantly unfolding around us. She does this by creating a safe vessel to explore the body's current state via meditation and astral projection, followed by grounding exercises and a full body scan, sound healing, and reiki light body infusion to align the nadis and remove energetic blockages.

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