3:30pm - Herbal Allies

Herbal Allies: Celebrating the cycles with Jourdan Gailey

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Together we will discuss the cycles of the Seasons, cultural celebration in relation to Nature and the general life cycle of Plants. We will explore ways to reclaim Ancestral knowledge of honoring and celebrating these cycles, and dive into furthering our relationship and communication with the Plant world. Bring a notebook, writing utensil, offering for the workshop altar (which will focus on giving gratitude to the Plants for their abundant gifts), and most importantly, an open mind and heart to receive, learn, and GROW. About Jourdan: Jourdan Gailey is Holistic Health Practitioner and Landscape designer. She focuses much of her practice around Herbalism, Earth stewardship and Ancestral reclamation. Her strongest passion is to help empower others to reclaim harmonic ways of living with the Earth. She aims to do this through Native/Pollinator Friendly lawns and landscapes, educating about Regenerative gardening/farming, and assisting the community with natural remedies and Herbal based medicines.

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