3:30pm - Fire Ceremony

Fire Ceremony: Celebrating Our Harvest and Offering to the Light

  • The Salt Cave

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We will start by setting an sankalpa, and intention. The we sit in a circle, turn off the lights and light a candle. I will have a mala to count the chants. We start by chanting the Gayatri mantra ( I will have copies of this mantra on a piece of paper and we will go over it before we start. We will end each mantra with "Swaha" an invocation the the Divine Light and we are offering to. We will chant the Gayatri 108 times, and after each time we all say" Swaha"! to remember the fruits of the summer and then to offer them to the Light. This is a beautiful way to offer up all the Fruits of our labor to the light to cleanse us so that we may start fresh and new and prepare for the Dark Time- to keep that light going. And we do it in Thanksgiving for all the joy and love the Light has given us. We offer it back to the Source. About Shelby: I am Shelby Blaisdell. I have a 500 hour certification in advanced Yoga and Ayurvedic studies. I have been teaching Yoga for 15 years and practicing Ayurveda for 4 years. I am also reiki 2 certifies and an Ayurvedic Bodyworker. I also love, love to play and teach the piano. I am an avid biker ( I refuse to use a car as I do not want to contribute a whole bunch to global warming.) I am an artist, writer, and all round weirdo who loves to help folks find themselves. And I am a cat lover with 4 cats! :)

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