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2:15pm - Cacao Ceremony with Crystal

Let's start the day out with gratitude and intention setting!

  • The Boiler Room

Service Description

Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is a small tree belonging to the Malvaceae family that was originally found in Guatemala and is now found in other countries such as Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. Its seeds are used as medicine - either eaten in seed form or brewed into an elixir (these are the same seeds that are processed to create cocoa powder and chocolate which is consumed around the world). Cacao in its raw form is bitter medicine. Theobromine is the main ingredient in Cacao that has beautiful and harmonious effects on the human body. Theobromine is heart medicine. The feels and effects are different for each person, however the overarching feels are similar, which include: a heart opened uplifted mood and spirit, and a boost in energy. Cacao can be stimulating so if you are on medications or sensitive to energizing substances, please be mindful of your intake of this blessed plant medicine. In our Cacao elixir, we will have the following ingredients (those with allergies, please read through): -Structured Water -Raw Cacao from indiginous communities in Guatemala (picked by indiginous women - all the proceeds go to their community) -Maca -Coconut oil/or coconut milk -Maple Syrup -Sea Salt -Vanilla Extract -Almond Milk -Cinnamon By gathering in these sacred circles, we will have an opportunity to make sure all that we experience together this day will be rooted in love and purposeful intentions. Honoring the spirit of cacao and asking her to assist us in this day of creation, healing, community, and celebration! You are invited to return to this group at 7:45pm for an integration circle and then finish off the night at Ecstatic Dance with Luna!

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on the corner of 7th street and Wacouta in Lowertown St Paul 218 7th Street East, St Paul, MN 55101, USA

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