Nature's Rhythm Events & Workshops

Nature provides us with endless opportunities for learning, discovery, celebration, and ritual. 

Join us as we align ourselves with the energies of the Season - and to our true nature.

Lunar Wisdom Series

Following lunar cycles and trusting in the rhythmic wisdom is at the heart of the Lunar Wisdom Series. We will dial into the energies of the specific lunar phase and discuss how to best harness these energies and incorporate them into our lives. 


Reconnect with the nighttime wisdom. Learn, practice, move, groove, and breathe into yin lunar rhythms.

- Hosted by Andrea Dow & Melissa Dessart


Upcoming Lunar Wisdom Workshop:


Long Night's Full Moon

Together we will honor, welcome, and prepare for the darkness.  




December 12th 2019

6:00 - 7:30pm 

Winter Solstice Gathering: A Long Winter's Night

Align with Nature's rhythms by marking the passage of the season on the longest night of the year - and welcome the gradual return of the sun. On this darkest day of the year, we will go inward to honor winter and hibernation through ceremony and ritual, movement, meditation, and we will end the night ready for deep slumber with candlelight restorative yoga. 

Meet us in The Sanctuary for community, connection, and celebration.

- Hosted by Andrea Dow & Melissa Dessart


Upcoming Seasonal Transitions Event:


A Long Winter's Night




December 21st 2019

6:00 - 8:00pm

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