Monica Kenton

Monica Kenton is a Spiritual Advisor for Life and Business, Shaman, Dream Teacher, and Entrepreneur.  She helps heart centered entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals consciously break free of beliefs, patterns, and habits that have kept them from their highest potential for years.  She combines her unique spiritual/energetic principles from dreaming, numerology, art, shamanism, and a variety of other modalities with concrete modern day strategies to create rapid transformation.  She believes in taking small actions on spiritual guidance to create amazing and profound results. 


Monica works with “practical mystics” who often times live fast paced lives and are ready to embrace more of their own unique spiritual connection to bring more soul back into their life and/or business.  As a former University instructor and supervisor of 21 years, she traveled that path herself, and teaches others how to do the same, and in less time.  She also loves lattes, chocolate, journals, and amazing spiritual conversations.