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Featuring a few of our Community Bloom Facilitators at Creators Space

Special "Micro Bloom" Event Jan. 2nd, 2022

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New Age New Year New Story

We need a new story, one that pulls us from our slumber and builds a common language upon shared values towards a future we can be proud to build, together. We are gathering four experienced storytellers to curate a journey into self-discovery and unique self-expression. We promise you’ve never been part of anything like this before. Yoga, cacao, drums, dance, sound healing, and sacred circle.


This new story should uphold the values of Integrity, Personal Agency, Community, and Transcendence. It is time for humanity to actualize its potential and transcend its programming.

And so, as Pluto, the destroyer, ruler of transformation and rebirth, continues to plunder the power structures and authoritarian systems of control ruled by Capricorn, 2 years after the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of Jan 2020, we pause, we look at ourselves, and we own our role in perpetuating the programs of fear, victimization, and shame. If humanity survives this current age, we will someday study it in school, and wonder what it was like to exist upon the Precipice.


This Precipice teeters on transcendence and destruction. The future is uncertain.


The old story is dominant, loud, and very easy to relate to. We cannot solve our problems with the same type of thinking that created them. People relate to stories, not teachings, not systems, not spiritual truths or academia. Stories.


In order to tell this new story, we need people willing to live it, tell it, and stand up for it so that others can realize its potential and recognize its validity. We need people who recognize the shadows of the old one, and who are willing to live honestly.


On January 2nd, the day of the New Moon in Capricorn, we begin a new cycle, one of inner authority, vision, and purpose. There is a problem that is calling you and your unique perspective into action. There is a solution that only you will be able to see. The world needs your unique-self expression.

Over the course of 3 hours, we will open, engage, tune into our rhythm, embody, experience, and integrate this new story in a way that we will be able to locate it within us when we need it. We will feel, deeply, Why it is important to find this new groove and clearly define our role in the first chapter of this new Story. We will awaken a deep inner knowing that will guide you through the dark, light, and everything in between.


Schedule of Events


Arrive: 11:30-11:45
Yoga - Open
Cacao - Engage

Astrology Dharma - Storytelling
Drumming - Rhythm
Dance - Embody
Sound Healing - Experience
Closing Circles - Integration


What to bring:

Water bottle
Journal (just in case inspiration strikes)
Dress comfortably
Light snack


Sliding-Scale Discount Codes

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$10-off code: micro10

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And Join Us Jan 29th for the Full Bloom!

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