Creators Cup Menu


Espresso 3.00

Double shot of deeply delicious espresso, straight up


Americano 3.00/ 3.75

Double shot of rich espresso and hot water


Latte 4.00/5.00

Espresso, steamed milk, easy on the froth


Cappuccino 4.00/5.00

Espresso, steamed milk, heavy on the froth


Macchiato 3.75/4.50

Espresso with a dollop of velvety milk froth


Cortado 3.5

Double shot and equal parts steamed milk



Thinker 4.50/5.50

Espresso, drip coffee, caramel, ancho chili and a dash of smoked salt


Explorer 4.50/5.50

Espresso, steamed coconut milk, and a light touch of maple syrup


Creator 4.50/5.50

Red tea, espresso, steamed oat milk, cardamom and a light touch of honey


Mocha 4.25/5.25

Espresso, chocolate, and milk *served hot, iced or blended


Salted Caramel 4.25/5.25

Espresso, caramel, smoked salt, and milk *served hot, iced, or blended


Drip Coffee 2.75/3.50

Light or Dark Roast


Au Lait 3.75/4.75

Light or dark roast w/ steamed milk - easy on the froth


Nitro Cold Press 3.5/4.5 

B+W Cold Press on Nitro. pours like Guinness, tastes like a dream - and its 100% organic



Cedar Lake Teas 3

Hot or iced *iced steeps for 3 min


Chai Latte 3.75/4.5

Grey Duck chai tea, steamed milk & light froth we suggest oat milk, it's delicious!


Red Espresso 1.75/3

Single or double shot of earthy and aromatic rooibos tea brewed and served straight-up *substitute for espresso for caffeine-free 


Kombucha on Tap 6

Fermented, effervescent sweetened black tea



16oz. - 4.75

Pear Ginger 

Pear puree, fresh ginger, and coconut milk


Strawberry Lavender

Strawberry puree, lavender syrup, and coconut milk


Blueberry Banana

Blueberry puree, 1/2 banana, and coconut milk


Coconut Mango

Mango puree, 1/2 banana, and sweet coconut cream


White Peach

White peach puree, 1/2 banana, and coconut milk


Cherry Basil

Cherry puree, fresh basil, and coconut milk



16oz. - 4.50

Cream Soda 

Sparkling water, vanilla syrup, and a light touch of coconut milk served over ice


Strawberry Lavender

Sparkling water, strawberry syrup, lavender syrup, and a light touch of coconut milk served over iced


Peach Tea

Iced black tea, sparkling water, and peach syrup served over ice


Cherry Caramel

Sparkling water, caramel, and cherry syrup served over ice


"We are a small kitchen. Our recipes are handcrafted with intention, aimed to offer you delicious, creative meals. We kindly insist that substitutions are withheld."

- the Creators Cup Team


House Made Granola 5 cup/7 bowl

Our delicious house-made granola topped with sliced apples, bits of candied ginger, toasted pepitas, and a light drizzle of maple syrup served with your choice of milk or Greek yogurt *milk available dine-in only


Grilled Breakfast Burrito 9.75

Scrambled eggs, tender greens, cilantro, sharp cheddar, ancho aioli tucked inside a whole wheat wrap and grilled


Breakfast Pizza 12.5

10" Pizza topped with scrambled eggs, house-made pesto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red pepper and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

Eggie Sandwich 9.75

Scrambled eggs, maple-glazed ham, and herb cream cheese between two slices of sourdough french toast

Toast 3

2 slices of either Country White, Honey Wheat or Sourdough bread served with either honey butter, butter, peanut butter, or local preserves


Blueberry-Rose Crepes 10.75

A house-made crepe with cheddar, blueberry-rose compote, greek yogurt, and a light drizzle of maple syrup

Tart Cherry Crepes 10.75

A house-made crepe, preserved cherries, sweet almond cream, toasted almonds and alight drizzle of sweet-cherry vinaigrette

Spiced Crepes 9.75

A house-made crepe, Swiss cheese, spiced apples, greek yogurt and a light drizzle of honey


served w/ bread - Cup $5/ Bowl $7


Made with a nutrient-dense bone broths, vegetables, grains or legumes, and local dairy milks


Made with wholesome veggie stocks, vegetables, grains or legumes, and nut milks

*ask about what soups we are offering today!*


House Salad 7

Seasonal greens, veggies and your choice of house-made vinaigrettes  turmeric-ginger, sweet-cherry, or citrus-maple

Cucumber Spinach 9.75

Seasonal greens, fresh herbs, cucumbers, spring onion, and crunchy chickpeas, dressed with an aromatic turmeric-ginger vinaigrette

Cherry Almond 10.25

Seasonal greens, house-made preserved cherries, toasted almonds and crumbled goat cheese dressed with a sweet cherry vinaigrette

Ancient Grain Tabbouleh 9.75

A simple, Mediterranean-inspired tabbouleh with faro, roasted seasonal veggies, fresh herbs, pipits and dried fruits dressed with a citrus-maple vinaigrette and served over seasonal greens


turmeric-ginger, sweet-cherry, and citrus-maple


-served w/ kettle chips-

Soup and Sandwich 11.75

1/2 sandwich of your choice, w/ either soup or house salad 11.75

Classic Deli 9.75

A classic deli-style sandwich with maple glazed ham, sharp cheddar, house-made pickles, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and seasonal greens

Curtido Reuben 10.75

A healthy heap of pastrami, Swiss, house-made curtido & Russian dressing on grilled marble rye

English Cucumber 9.5

A gentle nod to the traditional cucumber sandwich - made with a herb cream cheese, thinly sliced cucumbers, tender greens on country white bread

Grilled PB&J Double Stack 7.5

The perfect pairing of strawberry jam and natural peanut butter, staggered between three slices of honey wheat bread, and grilled to gooey perfection

Grilled PB&J 7.5

Natural peanut butter, sliced banana and a light drizzle of honey riddled between two slices of honey wheat bread

Grilled Cheese 8.75

An homage to the comfort that is grilled cheese; sweet apricot jam, sliced apples, swiss, sharp cheddar, herb cream cheese, and tender greens griddled between two slices of sourdough bread

Egg Salad 8.75

House-made egg salad, thin smear of herb cream cheese, and seasonal greens between two slices of Country White bread

Grilled Veggie Wrap 9.5

Roasted red peppers, cilantro, tender greens, sharp cheddar, and a smear of ancho chili aioli wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and grilled