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Kelly Frush


Kelly Frush is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on human impact on natural settings. She works with oil paints, colored pencil, film photography, fiber arts, found object, and a little bit of clay. She's currently creating a number of series---found object UFOs and laser eyes, minimalist nude figure drawings with colored pencil, and an evolving style of landscape oil paintings.

IG: @kfrush 

Etsy: @KFrushArtiste

(218) 330-9340


Brian Silver

Pastor & Artist

Brian has been involved in the arts for as long as he can remember, but specifically when it comes to theater and public speaking. While he doesn't have a ton of time to continue doing that, he is excited to expand his artistic potential at Creator's Space and "just begin". He currently is the pastor at Hope Lowertown just down the street from Creator's Space and lives in Shoreview with his wife, Angela, and two sons, Henry and Jack.


Instagram: @PastorBrianSilver

Twitter: @PastorBSilver


Tim Ashton


Tim Ashton draws, paints, and experiments in many fields.  His influences include video games, pop culture, science, and geometry.  He creates with the intent to inspire good feelings and outside-the-box thinking.

instagram @timash10
facebook @timothy.ashton.365


Isa Glade


Isa Glade was born in Stillwater, Minnesota, where she taught high school English for 30 years, raised 3 sons, wrote a column for the local newspaper, and supported community poets and theatre. Isa hosted a long-running spiritual “book club” for outliers, seekers, and recovering addicts, like herself. 


Now retired and living in Lowertown St. Paul, she blogs under Isa Glade - spiritual growth for practical earthlings. 


Isa  is a self-taught novice painter of one year, who believes one’s creativity is the true essence of the soul. She is a feminist and a solitary witch now vindicated from the public school teacher persona.


IG: @isaglade

Facebook: @Isaglade

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Diego Ramallo


Diego is a Spanish born papier-mâché sculptor and the creator of bold, colorful and energetic, natured-based pieces.  Diego was awarded top honors at papier-mâché competitions at the Minnesota State Fair in 2018 and 2019.

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Jim Heynen


Jim Heynen is the author of several collections of poetry and three novels but is best known for his short-short stories about the boys.  These unnamed boys are featured in several collections, including THE ONE-ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE and THE BOYS'S HOUSE.  On his last space mission, Minnesota astronaut George Pinky Nelson took a recording of Jim reading some of these stories for his outer-space bedtime listening.


Marvin Wise


My name is Marvin Wise, I live in Saint Paul. I am a prolific artist. My artwork reflects the diversity of our world. I paint in a surrealistic style as well as abstracts and numerous other styles.


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Open Window Productions


Open Window Productions is a full-service video production company specializing in fundraising and event videos, testimonials, corporate videos, product videos, demo videos, informational & educational videos, and social media marketing.  We equip businesses and nonprofits with powerful and effective video content that helps organizations meet their goals.


Henry Schneider - Writer/Director/Producer

An all around creative guy, Henry has earned over a half-dozen awards for the video content he has produced.  His work has reached millions of viewers on YouTube, broadcast television, and other online platforms; connecting brands to their audience.  He is an expert at taking client goals and translating them into effective video content.  Henry has created video marketing content for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and national brands alike.


David Buchanan - Shooter/Editor

David has been working professionally in the film industry for 14 years, with a range of roles across departments.  His projects as a Writer/Director include Rideshare, See You Soon, and the newly acclaimed feature film, BLACK (link).  David is an expert at crafting client content into powerful videos of organizations making a difference in the world today.  His advanced skills with lighting help clients achieve outstanding looks during production, and as an editor he is able to take that footage and turn it into captivating video content.







Healing Arts Practitioners


Melissa Baker

Intuitive Energy Healer & Teacher

Melissa is an Empathic Intuitive Energy Healer and Teacher. Melissa leads women's circles, group meditations and one-on-one sessions that inspire you to deeply know thyself. Her sessions uncover what is unconscious, helping you to empower yourself with awareness, tools for integration and alignment to your higher self/heart resulting in embodiment of your beautiful soul.

IG: @melissab_alignwithyourheart
Facebook: melissa.baker.98499


Marci Kranz

Healing Arts Practitioner

Marci Kranz has been in the Healing Arts professions for 35+ years. The common threads amongst all of what she facilitates are Energy (Qi,Prana,Reiki,Laban Analysis) & Body, Mind, Spiritual Development. Sources in Master level trainings are Dance-Movement Therapy & Acupuncture.  A unique  blending of Marci’s expertise & nurturing attitude provide rich experiences for all clients. 




Jeanna Hamm

Healing Artist

Healing facilitator.
Community Builder.