Laura Church

Laura Church studied classical ballet for 15+years, and pursued additional study in contemporary, modern dance and yoga in Saint Paul, Louisville and Atlanta. She completed didactic and practical Pilates Mat training in 2010 through LA's Pilates Sports Center (PSC) under Master Trainer Stacy Celi of Louisville, KY, then earned her Barre Teacher Trainer Certification in 2013 through Align/Six Degrees in Uptown Minneapolis.

​and Floor Barre, Pilates Mat, and Barre Burn at St. Paul Pilates Studio.​

Laura describes her teaching style:

My teaching method involves a lot of cuing with imagery and metaphors. I want you to envision how a movement will feel in your body, because just one millimeter of positional adjustment within the body can have monumental effect.

My Pilates Master Instructor put it this way....she said, "a dermatologist pointed to the arch of her eyebrow and, using her finger, raised it one tiny millimeter, which is about the thickness of a dime. That tiny one-millimeter difference alters the way the face appears," in a quite dramatic sense.

​So the corollary, here​, it is that tiny degree of adjustment also has equally ​profound effect across the subtle and interconnected alignment of your body’s internal frame and musculature. The eyebrow analogy is a poignant descriptor of how cuing a movement as small as a sliver of a dime can provide benefit within the body. These cues offer a distinct route to learning and feeling tiny adjustments in strength and opening that will happen in the body in barre and Pilates classes.


Providing breath work at the start of class “wakens” and engages our powerhouse core ​mu​scles as we initiate and control vigorous and fine ​movement during class​. I use reminders to hardwire your core engagement

as you move through class. 

Student Testimonials: 

"Felt the burn the next day! Glad I stopped in while traveling to St. Paul!"

"Good workout! Laura was really welcoming."