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Kevin Kuhn

When I reached fifty, I hit a bit of a mid-life crisis. I told my wife that I either needed to get a sports car and a mistress or write a novel. She chose the novel. I’m working on a second novel, it’s not a sequel or prequel, but it's in the same spirit of my debut novel. It’s set in downtown Minneapolis and follows an Irish Pub from the late 1,800’s to modern day. I’m enjoying exploring Minneapolis’ history as well as visiting some of it’s older bars and taverns, strictly for research purposes, of course! I believe people learn in many ways; some are visual, some learn by discussion, and others by doing. My classes are full of information, but I try to include as much interaction, discussion, and time for reflection as possible to engage all types of learners. I also believe in the power of laughter and attempt to insert as much humor and fun into my courses as possible.