Jana Komaritsa

Jana Komaritsa is a Russian-born multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Saint Paul, MN. She was born west of the Ural Mountains in Russia, in the capital of Republic of Bashkortostan – Ufa. It’s a mysterious region at a river confluence which stretches along the foothills of the Urals. From her early years, she was inspired by the surrounding nature which borders the vibrant city with mountainous landscapes, picturesque river banks, and large forests which are home to a diverse wildlife. She has developed love for animals and nature.

Years later, her family had moved to Moscow which opened opportunities that helped shape her artistic vision. Jana attended two schools of fine arts where she earned two diplomas with honors, and afterwards graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, along with a specialized diploma in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Moscow Architecture Academy. 

The artist worked on various projects as an architect and also ventured into the work of Interior design and decoration. She also taught Architecture Design and Technology in several schools. In 2010, Jana moved to Germany and continued her academic career at Stuttgart University where she earned a Master’s degree in Infrastructure planning, extending her knowledge of urbanism. The artist lived in serene nature and mountains of Southern Germany, surrounded by the emotional landscape which shaped her approach to art. 

In 2013 Jana has moved to the USA, where she has founded her art and crafts studio. 
The artist approaches her work in a variety of techniques: oil, acryl, watercolor painting, graphics, textile painting and more. Jana always tries to find ways to blend these methods and always leave room for developing new skills. The artist runs an arts and gifts shop Purr Party, inspired by her cat. She also works in music and performance with her project Darkrad and was released on labels in Germany and Sweden.