To Our Beloved Creators Space Community


We are in a period of transformation at Creators Space and have chosen to

close our doors to the public on Sunday, December 9th.


It has been such a joy to watch our space fill up with customers, members, teachers, students, and those who simply wander in to see what has replaced that indoor parking garage!


We are sharing our journey on our website, through blogs, and via social media - please stay up-to-date as we build a Creators Movement.


In Gratitude for All of Your Support,


The Creators Space Family

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Grab a hot brew, a house-made pastry or a delicious meal at Creators Cup, then take in the cozy atmosphere of our Commons area to work or relax. Get comfortable under the chandeliers to enjoy a book or chat with friends, or join a lively discussion in our (face-to-face) chat room. 

Take classes and workshops to expand your knowledge and explore deeper levels of your creative self. From yoga, pottery, and writing classes to entrepreneurship and insight —begin nurturing yourself and your ideas by exercising your creativity.

Pssst... You don't have to be a member to take a class.

Become a member and gain full access to our 11 members only studios during extended business hours! Studios equipped for photography, yoga, 2D and 3D arts, ceramics, music recording and meditation can be at your finger tips today when you sign up!

Sign up online or stop in for a tour.

Creators Cup Coffee House is

closed until further notice





Creators Space

218 7th Street E Suite 100
St Paul, MN 55101


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