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All Hallows'-Eve Festival

Become a Vendor

Creators Space is now accepting applications for the 2019 All Hallows'-Eve Festival.


The All Hallows'-Eve Festival is a celebration of mystery, magic, wizardry, and spirituality.  Said to be the time of the year when the line between the earthly world and the spirit world blurs.  During the festival, we will celebrate the artists who work in the themes of spirituality, mystical culture, mystery, fantasy, magic, wizardry, witchcraft, halloween, science fiction, surrealism, steam punk and other similar aesthetics.  Applications and artwork will be juried to ensure they represent the theme of the festival. 

The All Hallows'-Eve Festival will be open on Oct. 26-27. 10am- 9pm Saturday & 10am-5pm on Sunday.

Set up: Saturday 8am- 9:30am

Take down: Sunday 5pm-6pm

Deadline to submit application: Monday, September 30th.

There will be no commission charged on sales during the event.

Booth fee: $50 (for two days). The booth fee is to be paid once your application is selected. You will receive further instructions from us regarding payment, and contract.

If you have any questions, please contact Event Coordinators:

Theresa Johnson:

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