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Creators Movement Contribution Fund is a program funded by individual donations that ignites action by supporting on-purpose creatives through programming, memberships, and resources. Through exchange programs that meet members where they are at, members create impact and change and contribute their services to off-set membership dues.

Current Contributions: $750

Current Contributions: $750

check out the transformational impact our members are making in their communities and examples of how membership exchange dollars make a difference!

Stories of Impact

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What is a Creators Movement

The world is in a period of reawakening and change. 

We believe it’s time to ignite a Creators Movement.


When we honor and tap into our own creativity, hidden potential is unlocked, new ideas are thought of, a different approach is made available, and solutions are realized that cannot be achieved in the daily grind that can so easily take over our lives.


To us, the only way to build a community that provides change over time is to create conditions to nurture creativity. 


Bringing together a community of diverse thinkers to encourage healthy collaboration and creation will lead to significant positive impact, finding lasting solutions to real problems. 


A Creators Movement Ignites Action!

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