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What is a

Creators Movement?

The world is in a period of reawakening and change. We believe it’s time to ignite a Creators Movement. 

We have been building a creative community of diverse thinkers to encourage healthy collaboration and creation that will lead to significant positive impact, finding lasting solutions to real problems.


Now, more than EVER before, we must come together to create. 

We can decide how we will move forward, and we believe that it is the creative spirit that will lead the way. Everything from evolving outdated systems and structures to finding new ways of caring for one another. When we honor and tap into our own creativity, hidden potential is unlocked, new ideas are brought to life, different approaches become clear, and solutions to important issues are created. 

A Creators Movement Ignites ACTION

Creators movement Exchange Program
Creative Service
Exchange Program

Our Creative Service Exchange Program enables members to exchange Service within the Creators Space Community. This provides more opportunities for participation than would otherwise be possible!

Creators Space
Community Time Bank

We are currently building a Community Time Bank!

Members exchange time and service within a time-banking system that facilitates the logistics and tracking. Members easily access resources and talent within our amazing Creators Space Community.

2020 Contributions

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Members Supported 

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The Creators Movement Fund was created to provide financial support for creatives to build and incubate their ideas. Two immediate programs will be launched early summer, 2020. Creators Movement Fund has been established to offset the costs associated with both the Creators Space Community Time Bank and the Creators Service Exchange Program. 


Your contributions will offset the membership fees for members participating in the Creators Service Exchange Program. 

The Creators Movement Fund

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