Creative Immersion Experiences


Mini Retreats for Small Groups and Teams

Explore. Create. Connect. Grow.  

Creative Immersion Experiences combine a bit of philosophy, creativity and magic into a mini retreat for small groups and teams

to experience the magic of Creators Space. 


At Creators Space, we witness the power of the Creative Spirit on a daily basis

as a way to heal and grow, create and innovate, and manifest goals

personally and as a collective.


Creative Immersions Experiences include:

  • 2-hour themed workshop (choose from below)

  • 60-minute break and fireside chat on the power of the Creative Spirit

  • 75-minute creative experience aligned to the themed workshop

Creative Immersion Experiences

Photography + Journaling

Painting + Pottery

Yoga + Writing 

Culinary Arts + Food Photography

Watercolor Journals

Painting + Yoga

Workshop Themes


  • Rhythms of Innovation: The Rhythms of Innovation shares an evidence-based model using multiple states of consciousness to take advantage of a much larger range of our capabilities. These techniques are necessary for identifying the self-limiting mental barriers we unconsciously create for ourselves. This gives us opportunities for novel insight and activates a neuro-chemical cascade of adaptability.


  • Evolving Energetic Beings: Explore the concept of energy a bit deeper and more specific by exploring the idea of ourselves as an energetic being that is constantly evolving and transforming vs. a fixed identity. 


  • Navigating the Path of Manifestation: Creating something meaningful and important is messy, but can come with wonderful gifts.  The gifts that come at the time of manifestation are easy to see and understand, but have become the focal point of our societal expectations.  The challenge for us all is seeing the gifts that are offered along the path.  The ones offered up by moving through impossible challenges, and the emotional roller coaster we ride throughout the process. Once we can see these as gifts, then accept them, we will find that they are the most valuable ones of all.


Morning Sessions - Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30am – 2:00pm

Group sizes and rates (includes lunch):

  • $625 - Groups of 6-10 people

  • $900 – Groups of 11-15 people

  • $1200 – Groups of 16-20 people

  • $1500 – Groups of 21-25 people


Afternoon Sessions - Wednesdays and Thursdays 1:00pm – 5:30pm

Group sizes and rates (includes snack):

  • $550 - Groups of 6-10 people

  • $775 – Groups of 11-15 people

  • $1025 – Groups of 16-20 people

  • $1300 – Groups of 21-25 people