Think. Explore. Create.

Just Begin...

At Creator’s Space our motto is Just Begin… Creators Space supports artists, entrepreneurs and philosophers throughout their creative journey—regardless of experience or expertise.  


We enable members to dream big, but start small by providing a creative playground and a supportive atmosphere for creativity, dialogue, collaboration and the exchange of ideas to happen. Because that isn’t just good for business, it’s good for our greater community.


Empower your employees to exercise their creativity.

Organizational membership offers companies and organizations a unique and cost-effective way to invest in a new concept that serves the creative community — all while providing substantial benefits to your employees, clients, customers, and partners.  Award your most creative employees with a place to be creative.  A one-year membership could allow a local retiree to plan and build a ‘second act’ business, a local painter to prepare an exhibit, or a dance student to choreograph and perform an original piece.

Explore our Organizational Membership levels below, and determine how your company best fits at Creators Space. Whether you have 50 employees or 5, there is creativity, inspiration and productivity at your finger tips with our Organizational Membership offerings.

Reap the benefits. See the growth. Just Begin!

Organizational Membership

Organizational Sponsorship

Invest in Your Community. Sponsor A Creator.

By partnering with Creators Space through sponsorship, organizations can achieve specific marketing or community giving goals while helping us achieve our mission of providing opportunities for individual enlightenment; and a community of diverse thinkers to actively collaborate, which will ultimately ignite action for positive impact on the community.


Recipients can be identified by your organization or through the Sponsor a Creator scholarship fund.  A one-year membership could allow a new mom to  ease back into a yoga practice, a local student to apply their ceramics skills, or a musician a quiet place to train and teach.


Invest in Their Creativity. See the Benefits.

With 5 different levels of Organizational Membership/Sponsorship, you can contribute to Creators Space in a way that suits you and your business. Review the chart below to see the benefits you can offer your organization.

Full Potential Benefits:

  • Full immersion memberships including 24/7 access and eligibility for retail/gallery participation (70/30 revenue share)

  • An encouraging environment to begin creating with full access to the needed tools and equipment. Dedicated member-only shared workspace fosters opportunities for smart, open networking, making new and interesting connections and collaboration with other creators

  • Free guest passes for non-members

  • Creative Immersion experiences

  • 10% discount at Creators Cup Coffeehouse and classes

  • Sponsorship acknowledgment opportunities throughout the year

  • Special pricing on member provided services and space rental

  • Member events/Mixers - Exclusive networking opportunities throughout the year

  • An introductory consultation and personalized Creativity Plan

  • Ability to rent a personal locker to store supplies and projects on-site

  • Our members-only newsletter. Be the first to know what is happening in the Creators Space community

  • Access to the Commons area and meeting spaces within Creators Space

  • Sponsors can specify if they want to fund a visual arts, performing arts, healing arts or entrepreneurial creator or they can choose to sponsor a creator-at-large

  • 90% of your donation goes to the Sponsor a Creator scholarship fund to pay for a creator’s membership, 10% for administrative costs

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