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Our Motto is Just Begin ...

The world is in a period of reawakening and change.  We believe it’s time to ignite a Creators Movement.

Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Philosophers deserve a space, the tools, and an encouraging

environment to Think, Explore, and ultimately Create.

To us, the only way to build a community that provides change over time is to create conditions to nurture creativity. When we honor and tap into our own creativity, hidden potential is unlocked, new ideas are thought of, a different approach is made available, and solutions are realized that cannot be achieved in the daily grind that can so easily take over our lives.

Bringing together a community of diverse thinkers to encourage healthy collaboration and creation will lead to significant positive impact, finding lasting solutions to real problems. 

A Creators Movement Ignites Action


Creators Space

Kevin and Melissa Dessart

We took our 25+ years of wisdom and experience to create a place that enables the creative spirit to thrive.  With the hopes of organically building a community of diverse Creators working together to ignite personal enlightenment and growth along with positive change and impact for communities.

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