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"Just Begin" Workshops &
Mind - Body Experiences 

Our motto is Just Begin - to take the first step toward doing something that you have always wanted to do!  We offer Just Begin workshops in our core genres, are designed with the beginner in mind, and combine FUN with education.


Grab a friend and have a great time learning!

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Just Begin Class Descriptions
Cleaning Ceramic

Muddy Hands

Clay Workshops

Curious about clay? Ever wanted to try it out? Get your hands dirty in our Muddy Hands Pottery Workshop Series!  


Creators Space offers one-night clay experiences that are a low-commitment, high-fun introduction to the world of ceramics. Muddy Hands workshops are perfect for the curious individual, date nights, and fun with friends and family.

Thursdays 6-8pm​

Saturdays 1-3pm

$30 / person

Paint Brushes

Fresh Canvas Painting Workshops

Always wanted to learn more about paints, palettes, and brushstrokes? Welcome to the exciting, messy, playful world of painting at Creators Space!


Fresh Canvas Painting Workshops are  designed for beginners. 

Bring a friend to join in the fun (and get a discounted rate too!). Leave with a painting that is as unique as you are.

Tuesdays 6-8pm

Saturdays 1-3pm

$30 / person

Sketching Materials


Drawing Workshops

Itching to put pencil to paper? Inspired to learn a skill that will help every aspect of creating, no matter the genre?


Join us for our Sketchbook Drawing Workshops that are designed for beginners.

Learn a new skill or style with every Just Begin workshop. Gather skills over time and have a great time doing it!

Sundays 1-3pm

Coming in Oct

$30 / person

Pottery and Ceramics


Ever want to make a clay sculpture by hand? Want to try it out? Come join our clay sculpture sessions and make a masterpiece!

We offer 2-part clay sculpture experiences using traditional hand building techniques that are a fun introduction to the world of clay sculpture. In section 1, you will build your artwork. In section 2, you will detail and paint your artwork. Please book 2 sections. 

Wednesdays 6-8p

$30 per person

Zen Stones

Yoga for
EVERY body

Each week we'll explore different aspects of practicing yoga- from varying styles and class structures to yogic breathing, meditation, and starting a home practice. You'll learn the names of poses and what they look like as well as how the poses feel in your own body. Finding your poses builds a meaningful, fun, and safe yoga practice. We'll practice in a collaborative, warm, and non-judgmental environment. 

Wednesdays 8:15-9:15am 

$20 / person

Sketching Materials


Drawing Sessions

Practice your hand and hone your skills in our weekly Figure Drawing Sessions! These are 2-hour sessions in which a live model will hold a series of poses beginning with short gestures, working up to long poses in which participants can delve deep into light and shadow.

Clothed models 1st, 3rd, and 4th week of the month (all ages welcome)

Nude model on the 2nd week of the month (for ages 18+ only) 

Wednesdays 6-8pm

$10 / person



Papier-Mache is the perfect medium for those interested in three-dimensional art.  The malleable and forgiving medium uses cheap materials to create great sculptures, theater props, or home decorations.  Best of all, the imperfections in papier-mache are what makes your creations beautiful!  Join this class to develop a truly unique piece guided by a seasoned paper master www.CartAnima.com and learn this incredible technique. 


This is a 2-part class to allow for drying time, each taking 3 to 4 hours. Join any 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month to start and then join any 2nd or 4th Sunday of the month to finish (you only need to sign up for the start session).

Sundays 9a-12p

(2-Part class)

Starts Sept 8th

$60 per person

Painting with Watercolor


Have you ever wanted to try watercolors? Or been a bit afraid of it?  

Come to Just Begin Watercolor Painting class and jump into a new, beautiful, colorful world of painting.

We'll cover some basics to get you started in a whole new world of creative options.  

Saturdays 1030a-1230p

$30 per person

Yoga at Home


This class will explore observation of taking ones physical seat in space, observation of breath and thoughts.  Just Begin Meditation is designed for all levels of Meditation Practitioner. Chairs will be provided as well as cushions. Each class will include a light warm up, a Dharma discussion, 20 minutes of seated meditation practice, with intermittent guidance, and closing with 10 minutes of open dialogue/discussion.

Members Only

Mondays 2:00-3:00pm 

Members only class

Man Writing



Creative writing basics in any genre you wish to improve in!

With experience in writing short stories, blogging, poetry, screen-writing, adventure journalism, and essays, Eli Nord can assist you in a wide varie your creative writing needs.


Come develop your writing skills in a safe and fun environment.

Saturdays 11a-1p

(Beginning Oct 5th)

$30 per person

Sketching Artist


Create your personal art journal exploring collage, drawing, photographs, and handmade papers.

This is an exciting way open yourself up to making art with ease and imagination. 


This class is perfect for where ever you are in your creative journey from the just beginners to the established artists 

Sundays 10-12pm

$30 per person

Green Goodness

Nutrition Workshop

Learn the basics of how your body works, how to eat to help your body work better, and how to be creative in putting together ingredients so eating well can be fun. We will explore these basic concepts as well as how to incorporate simple habits to make your health an easy priority. ​

Join us in a welcoming, supportive group so we can all learn and grow together. 

September 7 11a-1230p

$30 / person

man camera taking photo photographer


Have you been thinking about learning photography? Have you stopped yourself from doing it because it will be too hard or you don't have the right equipment? This class will help you get passed some of those barriers and see how fun photography is when you just begin where you are. 

We will go on a photo walk to take photos, learn techniques, and develop your artistic eye while shooting. Learning to best use the camera you have (whether it be your cell phone, point & shoot, or DSLR), we will show you how to take great photos no matter the tool. 

Sundays 4-6pm

$30 per person