We want to say thanks for all those that attended Community Bloom and to the many workshop facilitators that made it possible! We started the summer off right with over 60 attendees and 15 facilitators in Creators Space, spanning 6 different rooms, and 4 sessions choosing from 21 workshops throughout the day. We are very pleased with how it went and are already planning the next one!

Stay tuned for the next one later in the summer!

If you attended, there's a very short feedback form where we would love to hear from you!

What is Community Bloom?


This healing and transformative event is a collaboration with Resonate Healing, Creators Space and Psychedelic Society of MN! It's an event for our community and by our community, which has three main intentions: Heal, Expand, and Create. The day will include over 20 workshops and 6 rooms in the Gorgeous Creators Space downtown St. Paul. Events consist of ceremonies, open mics, discussions, collaborative art, lectures, and healing sessions to align our intention and empower the next phase of growth and transformation, while taking time to acknowledge, celebrate and love exactly where you are, right now.


Why are we doing this?


Last year was the Shift, now, we Bloom. As we tread into the new paradigm, We Need Community More Than Ever. The transition into the Aquarian Age will be a predictably chaotic one, and Community will be The Most Important Tool of The Aquarian Age. This is about creating a life raft, a tether, to the new paradigm, so we can find our way back when we lose our way. The old structures will not be there much longer, and we will never know the way forward if we do not put one foot in front of the other.


How do I bloom?


Blooming looks different for all of us. Our presenters are Blooming by having the opportunity to share their wisdom and teachings with the Community. Simply by showing up, and by showing yourself, your blooming unfolds.


From Ayla Nereo’s “Show Yourself”:


“I do not show this skin for you, I show myself to know myself. I show for the Earth from which I came, my prayer is for you to do the same."


If you are feeling the call, please come. Buy your ticket today, capacity is set at 100 tickets. Use promo code “cbloom333” for $10 off. If you are feeling the call and have financial limitations, reach out, and we’ll see how we can help.


Food and beverage will be available at Creators Cup Coffee House, within Creators Space.


**Tickets are capped at 100 attendees to account for the capacity mandate.

Carpooling is encouraged. Street parking and paid lots available all around Creators Space.


Help us find out which events you are most interested in with this short, anonymous survey:

Official Schedule:

2:15pm –
Cacao Ceremony with Andrea, The Sanctuary
Cacao Ceremony with Dan+Andy, The Flow Studio
Cacao Ceremony with Tammi, The Salt Cave
Cacao Ceremony with Christi, The Fire Room

3:45pm –
Self Love and Sankofa with Priscilla Momah, The Sanctuary
Sound Healing with Andy and Dan, The Flow Studio
Healing With Psychedelics with Christopher, The Study
Lotus Rise Above Recovery with Lauren, The Salt Cave

5:15pm –
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Atma Santoh, The Sanctuary
Herbal Alchemy: Wisdom of the Plant Spirits with Jourdan, The Study
Open Mic with Priscilla Momah, The Boiler Room
Psychedelic Integration Circle with Reka, The Salt Cave

6:45pm –
Love from Within with Tammi, The Sanctuary
Transformation through Sound with Bob, The Flow studio
Womb Wisdom with Andrea, The Study
Psychedelic Stories with Adam, The Boiler Room
Pyramid Power with Danny, The Salt Cave

Facilitator Bio and Event Details