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January 29th is currently post-poned :(

Very Sorry!

Due to increased health alert levels and mandates, we decided it would be best to hold off on this large gathering.

Tickets will be fully refunded, but we are going to try very hard to host some more Micro-Bloom events with our amazing facilitators in lieu of the main event.

Make sure you're on the mailing list to get notified!

Community Bloom Mailing List

What is Community Bloom (CB)?

This healing and transformative event is a collaboration with Resonate Healing, Creators Space and Psychedelic Society of MN! It's an event for our community and by our community, which has three main intentions: Heal, Expand, and Create. All attendees will get to choose from about 20 workshops in 7 different studios in the Gorgeous Creators Space downtown St. Paul (scroll down for pictures of the space). Expect this to be a gathering of about 80-120 beautiful bloomers!

This Season's Theme:

As winter envelopes the land with a calm and peaceful cold, we have the chance to look inside for warmth and to come back to center. Moving through the winter, we come to the equinox, this pivotal point marks the shift back towards more daylight. As we anticipate the garden that will flourish this year, we observe the circular quality to it all, and come to understand that before planting the seeds, there is an opportunity to choose any seeds we wish. To discover the seeds we desire to cultivate, we drop into alignment with the wisdom we have acquired along the way (both individually and collectively), and tap into our intuition, imagination, and inspirations. Coming from a place of empowerment, a new harmonious cycle begins.

(Past Blooms)

Current Workshop Lineup (More Coming)


•    Awakening Our Medicine Within Through Breathwork w/ Kim Lovejoy
•    Breathing Your Way to Freedom w/ Eddie Evolves
•    Body Wisdom: Involution ~ Evolution w/ Audrey Gunn
•    Growth in the Darkness w/ Chrisma
•    Chinese Medicine and Mental Health w/ Jessica Glahn
•    Journey through Movement w/ Alexander Larson
•    5 Ways To Improve Gut Health w/ Ashley Oswald, RDN, IFNCP, CNSC, CLT, LD
•    Qigong Cultivation: Feel the Qi w/ Peng Roden Her, L.Ac.
•    Healing Memories with Microdosing w/ Amanda Lee
•    Cultivating Inner & Outer Landscapes Through Winter w/ Jourdan Gailey
•    Exploring Subtle Plant Medicines w/ Mike Thompson


How do I bloom?

All those that purchase tickets will receive an email notice about a week before Jan. 29th to register for your sessions. There will be opening cacao ceremonies, 3 main sessions, a meal gathering, a closing integration circle, and then the Ecstatic Dance Party! You will get to choose from about 20 workshops of content, and space is limited, so you won't want to wait long to register.

Helpful Tip! Carefully read the workshop descriptions and facilitator bios when choosing your 3 sessions. This community is ever evolving and offers a variety of experiences, some of them may be just right for you, others may not.

If financial hardship is an issue send us an email, we have set aside a limited number of discount tickets.

Meal Ticket:

During the Community Bloom event, we will have a 60 minute break for a dinner at 5:30pm.  Niki and Chef Guillermo from Creators Cup Coffeehouse will prepare a special entree for the event. You can pre-purchase your meal ticket when we make it available and skip the lines, otherwise there will be a wait to order food.  The cost is $15 plus tax, which includes 15% gratuity for staff services.

​​Parking Options:

Metered street parking is available around Creators Space, but it is recommended to park in one of the nearby lots or ramps to ensure your parking is covered for the duration of the event.  Below is an interactive parking map to plan your stay.

Link to interactive map


Food and Beverages:

Creators Cup Coffee House, which is part of Creators Space, will be serving up a house made special menu for the event. Grab quick bites during the 30-minute breaks or after the main sessions. Vegan options available. Open till 10pm!


Space Holders and the Wind Room:

Anyone in need of some grounding or support of any kind throughout the event is advised to head towards the Wind Room inside The Sanctuary (See the Map) to find designated space holders. You can take the time you need here to process or just take a break from the larger experience.

Workshops and Facilitators

More workshops will be announced soon!

Click Image to See Full Details and Bio

Meet the Community

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Where You Will Bloom

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